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If you're interested in information about e-cigarettes and vaping, the article below is great primer. You can also visit our vape and e cigarette experts in Manchester at White Mountain Vape Company, a vape shop just across the North Manchester NH line in Hooksett NH (Exit 9N off I93). E-cigarettes in Manchester NH


E-cigarettes explained.

The jargon may seem a little confusing at the beginning but you will know most of what it means very quickly.

The e-cig comes in three parts

1. the battery... this powers the atomizer (which vapourizes the e-juice)

2. the cartridge... this holds the e-juice [ clearomizer / cartomizer, tank/ etc ]

3. the e-liquid/e-juice.



Batteries come in various sizes but basically they are to power the atomizer, which heats the e-liquid turning it into vapour which you inhale. The battery will be either manual, meaning you press a button while you inhale to activate the atomizer, or it will be automatic, meaning as you draw on the e-cig, the battery activates the atomizer. Manual are easier to control.


Voltage = defines how much power is used

mAh =  [ milliamp hrs ] or length of time between recharges.

Variable voltage = being able to up the power going to the atomiser.

The higher the mAh the more power the battery holds, the longer it lasts between recharging.

The higher the voltage [ as in variable voltage batteries ] the hotter the atomiser gets and the heavier / thicker vapour you get when you inhale, also the lower resistance atomizer the hotter it gets and heavier vapour you get, but the trade off is the atomizers do not last as long.

Batteries are usually recharged using a usb charger supplied with your kit, different batteries may need different chargers. Keep contacts on batteries and chargers clean and dry using either a tissue or cotton bud. Be careful not to overtighten batteries onto chargers it may damage them. And do not leave batteries unattended when they are recharging. Never leave batteries charging overnight for safety reasons.


The cartridge / clearomizer / cartomizer /tanks, are all names for e-liquid containers.

These come in a variety of types.

All e-cigs have an atomizer some built into the clearomizer / cartomizer, and some separate

such as the Ego C system - the atomizer vapourizes the e-juice.

The tank - on the Ego C this is a plastic tank/cartridge you fill with e-liquid and clip into the top of the atomizer.


THE CARTOMIZER - these usually have wadding rather than a wick and screw directly onto the battery, the reason we currently do not stock these is because you can never be sure of the purity of the e-juice that has been put into the pre-filled variety by the manufacturer and they are also a lot more expensive for the customer rather than buying the e-juice seperatly and filling yourself.


THE CLEAROMIZER - this is just a see through tank / e-juice holder, with a wick rather than wadding, and these come with all different types of wicks, the wicks/atomizers are usually replaceable which makes them more economical than replacing the whole unit when they wear out, such as the Ego Ce4+ , the Evod or the MT3 etc.

[Note low resistance atomizers will give higher vapour production because they get hotter, but will burn out more quickly]

e-Juice / e-Liquid

These come in many different flavours and brands.It is important to use a known brand that you can trust, because the e-liquid must be tested by chemists and certified pure, this is a legal requirement for health and safety and customers want to know that what they are consuming is safe and contains what it says on the label. All our e-juice is bought directly from the maufacturer, all batches are tested, and all bottles have the nicotine level, safety warning, and tactile safety labels, as is required by European Union Law.

There are basically three strengths of nicotine, high,med, and low [ or no nicotine]

high 32/24 mg heavy smoker [ over 20 per day ]

med 12/18 mg med smoker- most popular [ below 20 per day ]

low 6 /8 mg light smoker [ below 10 per day ]

e-liquids contain

propylene glycol- this gives the throat hit [ strong throat sensation similar to a deep inhalation on a tobacco cigarette ]

vegetable glycerine -this gives smoothness and vapour cloud

nicotine - delivery to your required strength

flavouring - for the taste [ these come in tobacco / fruit / sweet , etc ]

please look under faq for more information on e-liquids.


Try exhaling through the nose, the nose and mouth are both part of the same olfactory system, and you will experience more of the flavour of the ejuice. If you mix flavours do it in small batches to test before larger volumes. If you think the nicotine level of your e-juice is too high or too low mix it with a higher or lower level of the same flavour [add the nicotine mg level of both and divide by two will give you the aprox new mg level. You will probably find that over time you move from tobacco flavours to something more appealing to your taste, as your taste will become more sensitised and improved.

Also you could change the flavours you vape every couple of days or alternate between flavours because if you always vape the same flavour your taste buds will desensetize over time, and it won’t taste as fresh and new as it first did. The choices you now have in e-juice flavours is tremendous . Apple pie and custard to sunday roast, there are literally thousands of flavours and new ones coming online all the time.

If you leave e-juice that you have part used [ and air has got into the bottle ] for a time it will steep, this is where the colour becomes darker and the taste improves and becomes more distinct, occasionally if you get a flavour you don't particularly like and you leave it to steep for a couple of weeks rather than throwing it away you will find that the taste is then very satisfactory in comparison to when you first tried it. And after a short time of testing different kits and e-juices you will find exactly the right kit and flavours that suit you.


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